Hi, my name is Russ, and I’m an INTJ…

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INTJ is one of the 16 personality types established by Isabel Myers and while it does not entirely encapsulate me it certainly describes me…and a defining characteristic of an INTJ is…


Hence my blog:

First and foremost I am a father of 2:

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Gentry – my eldest (2yrs)


Grace – my youngest  (1yr)

By day I am a Data Analyst & Developer and I am interested in all things tech especially cognitive systems and machine learning.

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I did my undergrad at The University of Texas at Austin where I studied Psychology and then moved on to Dallas Theological Seminary to pursue a Master’s degree in Biblical Counseling.  Unfortunately life happened and I was not able to finish my degree before switching to my current career in technology.  I completed a year’s worth of premed courses after that in hopes of maybe still becoming a psychiatrist, but in the end I got married, had kids, and settled down.  Much of the content I post is influenced by my formal studies in these disciplines. 

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Although I confess to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, you’ll undoubtedly find questions and what seems like doubt in much of my musing.  While I wish I was intrinsically given to faith without question as some, that does not seem to be the path set before me, at least for now.  I want to affirm that while being a christian and pursuing truth, it is natural for finite minds to struggle and balk at grasping the wisdom of an infinite being.  Knowing the God you desire to serve is necessary, questions are a natural byproduct of acquiring knowledge…but do not sojourn without hope.  Though I may not understand all things, I can still hold fast in faith, hope, and love.  (1 Cor 13:12-13)


And that’s about it.  If you really want to know more about who I am check out my quotes page…it’s pretty much me in fortune cookie form.

Thanks for stopping by!